Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation -thoughts and consideration

Parents and other people who tell children they are “XYZ” usually end up with those exact problems and have trouble breaking out of the pattern because the subconscious mind took that incident and believed it. Human beings also create their own outcomes through expectation. For instance people who have cancer and expect/believe that they will get better do recover and people who have cancer and expect to die, well they can die. The mind does control the body. That is why they have cancer support groups because they do work in increasing patient wellness.

The mind creates a self-fulfilling prophesy. Your whole life is a self-fulfilling prophesy and you are creating your reality, either consciously or unconsciously. This negative self-talk and bad feeling about your breasts and your small breast size is not really you, it is your negative inner critic, which is a “meme” or thought form or “Holodyne.” You can look all of these words up online. Unfortunately the power and energy they get from your emotions makes them stronger and they take on an actual life of their own. This is a collective human consciousness problem that people seem to inherit from their family or society at large. Some people have terrible negative inner critics and others have none at all, although this is rare and is usually the result of doing work to clear them.

Most people live under some kind of negative inner critic burden. So I think the next thing to address for you may be clearing the emotional trauma and thoughts surrounding the small breast size issue and any trauma from having small breasts, including any emotional reasons for having small breasts like feeling uncomfortable becoming a woman, or being afraid to attract sexual attention. Obviously this small breast size issue has a big emotional charge on it!

Having negative thoughts about your breast size and thinking they are too small could stop you have experiencing breast increase, especially if you don’t believe it will work for you. The mental thought forms (Holodynes) become attached to their own negative self-talk and they enjoy indulging themselves, if your breasts grew then they would have nothing to be negative about and then they would cease to exist. These Holodynes can be reprogrammed to become something positive instead of something negative.

I suggest hypnosis, Theta Healing, Holodynamics or Neurolinguistic Programming. You can find information websites on all of these. Janice Erickson, at Lightwork Seminars in the Bay area is a psychologist who is trained in most of these clearing techniques and is also an excellent teacher. If anyone lives nearby, visiting her can be a great help in removing emotional blocks and reprogramming your subconscious.

There are also Holodynamic practioners, The Institute of Holodynamics is based out of Cottonwood, Arizona.

Bruce Orion is a very good hypnotherapist practicing an advanced form of hypnotherapy and is based out of Cocoa Beach, Florida. He could be very helpful to any women who live in that area.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is the upgrading of breast that are flattened due to overweight, pregnancy or has been removed due to sicknesses like cancer. Breast reconstruction surgery can be carried out in any hospital all over the world. This is because due to the physical appearance of some women look when the wear their clothes and sicknesses, the surgeons has discover the process of breast reconstruction surgery in other to bring back the happiness of the ladies in our society. It is good to know the typed of people qualified for this breast reconstruction before you go for it. There are those with flattened breast, overweight breast, and those which their breast is destroyed due to sickness. This advice goes to breast feeding mothers do not go for breast reconstruction if you are breast feeding your baby because when the operation is done, you will stop breast feeding your baby. Before this article will take you to the procedure of this surgery, we will first of all know the advantages and the disadvantages of breast reconstruction.

When this process is carried out, the individual is free from the flattened breast. And it gives self esteem to the individual. She can now stand in the public and discuss freely. Again her physical appearance is good that is her cloths fit her. She can do her daily activities freely with no stress because of overweight breast. You can name some of these advantages yourself because just imagine how it pains a lady with flattened or overweight breast especially when she is still a youth. The disadvantages are as follows. There is always bleeding after the operation, excessive scar tissue discoloration. If you know you are a smoker which you can not stop smoking for a while, please don’t go for Breast Reconstruction because if you smoke after the surgery, it may not recovered so soon and it will end up giving you striking scars. The subsequent paragraphs are going to educate you on the techniques used in breast reconstruction. Any surgeon has his/her technique when it comes to breast reconstruction but the two main method are the tissue expander-breast implants and flap reconstruction. This will be explained respectively.

Tissue expander-breast implants. This technique is the most common method. Here the surgeon inserts the tissue expander beneath the pectoralis major muscle of the chest wall. The second which is the flap reconstruction is the second common technique. Here the surgeon removes tissue from other part of patients’ body either from the buttocks, abdomen or back to insert to the breast part. Another technique of breast reconstruction is nipple and areola reconstruction. This is to make the nipple stand firm.
When you use the implant method, it is of advantageous to you because it recovers very fast than the flap method. After the operation, please do not smoke because it will make the recovery to stay for long. Ladies follow this advice in order to be free from your worries. Be like others in the society, do not look isolated.